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Reviewing merge request #2: Fix collaboration issues

There was an Unicode issue.
Also fix for SL#2907 found in Dextrose tracker.
Also fix #2010 by reverting to espeak_cmd.
- When underlying issue with gst-plugins-espeak is fixed, should revert this fix

Would be nice to merge and release.

Commits that would be merged:

Version 1
  • Version 1
  • 2300532
  • 262e8d1
  • Fix for http://tareas.somosazucar.org/hxp/issue7

  • 1dbfea0
  • Fixes SL#2907 (from patch at https://sugardextrose.org/issues/2495)

  • d07d647
  • Workaround to fix SomosAzucar#Issue7 aka SL#2010

Showing 2300532-262e8d1


Pushed new version 1

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