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Reviewing merge request #1: changes in support of touch

* Move text entry to top so as to work with on-screen keyboard
* Reorganize the toolbar to work in portrait mode
* Refactor some combo boxes to work better with touch

All the changes are confined to activity.py but I added some new icons so as to replace some combo boxes (hard to use with touch) with radio buttons (easy to use with touch)

Commits that would be merged:

Version 1
  • Version 1
  • 63e9a93
  • 374e69d
  • add new icons for touch buttons

  • c28ed7a
  • move text entry to top for OSK; refactor toolbars for touch/portrait mode

Showing 63e9a93-374e69d


Pushed new version 1



+ Hsopajdopa




Pushed new version 1

+ def _is_tablet_mode():

Just testing inline comment mode

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