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[update] This project has been moved to browse/webified.git I'm making a template SSB activity and a small utility that can create activities out of websites using that template. This combination will make sugarizing web apps almost entirel...

The Webified project is labeled with activities, ssb, web, html, javascript, and gears


TiddlyWiki Activity: A reusable non-linear personal web notebook.

The TiddlyWiki project is labeled with wiki, web, hyperteext, and html

Journal Share

Journal Share is a simple web server which allow any user to share his own works saved in his journal with one or more users connected to the same network

The Journal Share project is labeled with web, server, journal, and share


scripts to set up and run api.sugarlabs.org.

The slo-api project is labeled with web-site


Addons.sugarlabs.org (ASLO) is a modified version of addons.mozilla.org which serves Sugar activities and addons.

The slo-addons project is labeled with web-site


This is the core content for the Sugar Labs landing page.

The slo-www project is labeled with web-site


To develop with Help.activity -- ./setup.py dev restart sugar NEWS ==== ### 2009-12-11 Version 11 (Help.activity) ### - Merged old help activity content with the Helpfr updated browse/hulahop - added chapter on ad-hoc networking ...

The New_Help project is labeled with help, manual, web, html, and english


Educonn.js library aims to provide a consistent interface for the developers to create Javascript objects, and facilitate its communication with the server. The developer should be able to create and modify a JSON object with the desired fields an...

The Educonn.js project is labeled with Library, web, development, and JS-PHP


ASLO Dev project

The ASLO-DEV project is labeled with development, web, and Platform

Identity Aggregator

[OpenID](http://openidexplained.com/) provider using SSL / X.509 public keys (resp. client [certificates](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X.509#Certificates)) for seamless authentication. Support for operation as a generic SSO provider (without the ...

The Identity Aggregator project is labeled with OpenID, infrastructure, web, SSO, SSL, and certificate

Enyo Test Activity

HelloWorld activity using Enyo Javascript framework.

The Enyo Test Activity project is labeled with web and activity

Sugar Search

Search engine well styled and safe for Sugar.

The Sugar Search project is labeled with search, browse, and web