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[DEPRECATED] Sugar Update Control

[DEPRECATED] Sugar control panel module to update installed activities.

The [DEPRECATED] Sugar Update Control project is labeled with sugar and controlpanel


Set of extensions for Gnash that allow SWF movies to interact with other components of Sugar.

The sugar-gnash project is labeled with sugar


Simple FUSE-based file system to allow non-Sugar applications to access the Sugar data store. Please note that this is a rather minimal implementation intended only to share documents between Sugar and other applications. Don't expect anyth...

The datastore-fuse project is labeled with datastore, journal, sugar, and fuse

Sugar Documentation Project

Sugar Documentation aims at gathering documentation about Sugar 1) in a git repository and 2) in plain-text org-mode files. We believe this can help collaboration and publishing in various formats.

The Sugar Documentation Project project is labeled with sugar and Documentation

Python and Sugar training course

Training slides, handout and exercises for a short (highly compressed) course on Python and writing Sugar activities. This aims to teach Python from basics through to writing simple activities. It was produced to train the Educatrachos team in ...

The Python and Sugar training course project is labeled with Documentation, python, sugar, and training


Activity to back up the Sugar Journal (or rather the Sugar data store) to external storage media. Will create multi-entry <a href="http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Journal_entry_bundles">Journal entry bundles</a> (JEBs). The <a ...

The Backup project is labeled with sugar, datastore, backup, and JEB

gdatastore: generic (git-based) blob ...

gdatastore is a generic object storage (storing data files and associated arbitrary metadata) based on git and compatible with the API currently used by Sugar. It retains intermediate versions of all entries, preserving previous work of the user. ...

The gdatastore: generic (git-based) blob + metadata storage not only for Sugar project is labeled with sugar, datastore, journal, and git


This is a library that you can use for create Charts in easy way. It´s a fork of the discontinued PyCha Library.

The sugar-pycha project is labeled with charts, sugar, and Library


The Share Favorites Activity shares Sugar desktop favorites among Sugar users.

The sharefavorites project is labeled with activity and sugar


Pydamoo is a kind of abstraction layer between python and Moodle's DB module. Basically, it should allow any Moodle DB to be represented as a python module, and vice versa. So that there is a very simple way to see the databases being produced...

The PyDaMoo project is labeled with sugar, framework, Moodle, and database


An abacus activity for Sugar

The abacus project is labeled with sugar, activity, honey, and Math


Journal2WebDAV publishes content from the Sugar Journal (or rather from the underlying data store) via WebDAV. The content to be published can be adjusted by choosing a suitable data store query. Write access is currently not supported.

The Journal2WebDAV project is labeled with sugar, datastore, journal, webdav, export, and public

Scan activity

Scan is a Sugar activity for scanning documents using a document scanner (or other kinds of image scanners). Pages can be reordered and deleted; the resulting collection can be saved to the Journal as a PDF file. The UI is pretty rough (and ...

The Scan activity project is labeled with sugar, activity, document, scanning, and pdf

Jugando aprendes

Actividad para Sugar enfocada a personas con discapacidad visual. Esta actividad permitirá mejorar la capacidad auditiva de las personas con discapacidad visual y a la vez permitirá el aprendizaje de la izquierda, derecha, arriba y abajo mediante ...

The Jugando aprendes project is labeled with python and sugar


Un navegador de archivos para sugar, que también se puede usar fuera del mismo.

The CExplorer project is labeled with sugar and activity


This is a refactoring of Peter Hewitt's Spiralaterals activity. It includes support for touch and screen rotation, as well as more reliance on the Sugar toolbar.

The spiralaterals project is labeled with activity and sugar


Since we have a lot repeated-code (for sharing, GUI, etc) in our Sugar Activities, is a good idea to have a simpler version of sugar3.activity.activity.Activity. That can make some process in a simpler way. See SimpleActivity's documentation f...

The SimpleActivity project is labeled with gui, activity, sharing, and sugar

Python XKB

Python-XKB is a (over)simplified Python module for the X Keyboard Extension (XKB). It is written using the libxklavier library, and can perform simple tasks like <ul> <li>Getting list of keyboard models defined in XKB</li> <...

The Python XKB project is labeled with os, python, wrappers, X11, XKB, keyboards, and sugar-control-panel


Fuse module to access the datastore like e normal readonly filesystem

The FsGateway project is labeled with sugar, datastore, and fuse


A series of graphics that can be used to measure lengths and angles (migrated from the Ruler project originally written by Mitchel Charity). Ruler displays graphical cm/mm ruler and grids to take measurements of lengths and angles of objects th...

The ruler project is labeled with sugar and activity


A simple slide rule activity with C and D ln scales.

The slideruler project is labeled with sugar, activity, and honey

Rainbow isolation shell

Rainbow is a free software isolation shell which implements portions of the OLPC Bitfrost security architecture.

The Rainbow isolation shell project is labeled with security and sugar


Clone of http://code.google.com/p/sugarbot/

The experior project is labeled with testing and sugar


Activity to restore the Journal content from <a href="http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Journal_entry_bundles">Journal entry bundles</a> (JEBs) like those written by the <a href="/projects/backup">Backup</a> act...

The Restore project is labeled with sugar, datastore, restore, and JEB


Activity where children may appendicocolic to believe, unsugarized, and editing activities for the xo

The SugaizeHelp project is labeled with help, activity, sugar, and sugarize


Based on Barry Newell's book, Turtle Confusion, this activity presents 40 shape challenges to the learner that must be completed using basic Logo-blocks. Turtle Confusion is a fork of Turtle Blocks.

The turtleconfusion project is labeled with sugar and activitiy


Put the turtle in a circle before it escapes.

The turtlepond project is labeled with game, sugar, and activity


A simple puzzle where by you have to flip coins until they are all heads up.

The flipgame project is labeled with sugar and activitiy


This activity displays a map of the sky showing the position of the visible stars, some of the larger and brighter deep-sky objects (DSOs), the "classical" planets, the sun and the moon.

The starchart project is labeled with sugar and activitiy


Nine pictures are shown at random to prompt learners to tell a story. When shared, all joiners see the same pictures.

The story project is labeled with game, sugar, and activity