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[update] This project has been moved to browse/webified.git I'm making a template SSB activity and a small utility that can create activities out of websites using that template. This combination will make sugarizing web apps almost entirel...

The Webified project is labeled with activities, ssb, web, html, javascript, and gears


To develop with Help.activity -- ./setup.py dev restart sugar NEWS ==== ### 2009-12-11 Version 11 (Help.activity) ### - Merged old help activity content with the Helpfr updated browse/hulahop - added chapter on ad-hoc networking ...

The New_Help project is labeled with help, manual, web, html, and english


The WebSDK is meant as a starting point for building activities with Web technologies. An IDE is provided as a proof of concept. Activities developed with WebSDK can be used in the cloud or locally, off-line.

The WebSDK project is labeled with webkit, html, ide, and programming


TiddlyWiki Activity: A reusable non-linear personal web notebook.

The TiddlyWiki project is labeled with wiki, web, hyperteext, and html