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email activity

The sweetmail project is labeled with email, activity, and honey


Flipsticks is a NEW keyframe animation activity that lets you pose and program a stick figure to walk, run, rotate, twist, tumble and dance. You can save your animations to the journal and will soon be able to share them via the mesh. Flipsticks c...

The flipsticks project is labeled with activities and honey


Cartoon Builder allows you to create your own cel-animation sequences, by positioning and manipulating a playful cartoon character inside a filmstrip, and by using provided media assets -- backgrounds, characters in multiple poses, sound effects. ...

The cartoon-builder project is labeled with activities and honey


Build polls and share them collaboratively for others to vote on them.

The poll project is labeled with activities and honey


Activity for drawing mind maps

The mindmap project is labeled with activities and honey


Joke Machine allows XO users to start a multimedia jokebook with images and sound effects and invite others to read their jokes via the mesh. Friends can also submit their own jokes to a shared jokebook. The jokebook author can edit and reject all...

The joke-machine project is labeled with activities and honey


Jigsaw Puzzle is based on the classic picture-constructing game, but has the option to add your own pictures. It strengthens visual, spacial and problem solving skills and offers a context to creatively reflect on and explore any subject. This is...

The jigsaw-puzzle project is labeled with activities and honey


Slider Puzzle is a classic logic game that challenges a player to slide tiles around to form a picture or pattern. This digital version provides a fun context for learners to explore basic functions of the XO, learn problem solving skills, and dev...

The slider-puzzle project is labeled with activities and honey


Story Builder is a graphical story constructor tool. Drag & drop a variety of characters (stamps) into a background, and create an imaginative scene. Simple word-processing capability is included to encourage and facilitate free-form creative ...

The story-builder project is labeled with activities and honey


HelloMesh is a demonstration of D-Bus Tubes functionality for activity collaboration. As an activity it does nothing other than be sharable. It is intended to have sample code for Tubes operations. See Collaboration Tutorial for an explanation of ...

The hello-mesh project is labeled with activities and honey


Record is the basic rich-media capture activity for the laptop. It lets you capture still images, video, and/or audio. It has a simple interface and works in both laptop and ebook mode. An interface for sharing pictures among multi XOs during a pi...

The record project is labeled with activities and honey


Oficina (the Paint Activity) was developed and adapted to the XO using Python for the team NATE-LSI (Integrated Systems Laboratory), in the Polytechnical School at University of São Paulo, Brazil.

The paint project is labeled with activities and honey


Test activity that shows how to integrate Flash movies in Sugar activities.

The SWFEdit project is labeled with activities, honey, and Test


Implode is a logic game based on the "falling block" model of Tetris. The game starts with a grid partially filled with blocks. The player makes a move by removing adjacent blocks of the same color in groups of three or more. When blocks...

The Implode project is labeled with activies, games, honey, and logic


A 3x3 matrix in which the goal is to rotate ans swap cards until at every intersection there is a match of black and white symbols.

The cardsort project is labeled with honey


A simple slide rule activity with C and D ln scales.

The slideruler project is labeled with sugar, activity, and honey


Scribble is an activity with which two or more Sugar users can collaboratively draw simple figures on a shared canvas.

The Scribble project is labeled with scribble, honey, collaboration, and drawing

Get Books

Get Books is an activity which lets users search for books from multiple online sources such as the Internet Archive and Feedbooks. It also provides support for removable devices ("Library on a Stick") which have OPDS catalogs in the roo...

The Get Books project is labeled with ebooks, opds, acquisition, and honey


An abacus activity for Sugar

The abacus project is labeled with sugar, activity, honey, and Math


Tux Paint is a drawing app for tiny kids. Most 3-year-old kids and many 2-year-old kids are able to use it, yet 10-year-old kids (and kid-like adults) enjoy it too. Tux Paint features Tux the penguin, like Clippy but not so annoying. Tux Paint use...

The tuxpaint project is labeled with activities and honey