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FreeCell is a classic card game for one player. The activity demonstrates how to write a Squeak-based activity. The actual game code is already included in Squeak (originally written by Dan Ingalls). The activity just modifies this to work well...

The FreeCell project is labeled with activities, games, and squeak


Wordhunt plans to be a game in which players try to find words in a letter grid. All development will be documented on the blog, effectively showing how to build an activity from the ground up.

The Wordhunt project is labeled with games, vocabulary, and reading

Produce Puzzle

Produce Puzzle is a game created by Matthew Michihara, Elizabeth Deng, and Aaron Macris with the python programming language using the pyGTK and pygames libraries. It was created as an educational game during the University of Southern California&...

The Produce Puzzle project is labeled with Math4, games, and activities


Implode is a logic game based on the "falling block" model of Tetris. The game starts with a grid partially filled with blocks. The player makes a move by removing adjacent blocks of the same color in groups of three or more. When blocks...

The Implode project is labeled with activies, games, honey, and logic


Domino its a traditional game, but in this case, the pieces are mathematical equivalence

The Domino project is labeled with games and mathematics


Sugargame allows Pygame programs to run well under Sugar. It is fork of the olcpgames framework, which is no longer maintained. Sugargame embeds the Pygame window into a GTK window, and translates GTK events to Pygame events. What it does...

The sugargame project is labeled with pygame, games, and activities


Arachnophilia is a flash game by Little Grey Media. A spider attempts to catch as many insects as possible by strategically building its web.

The arachnophilia project is labeled with games, flash, and activities


Blocku is a puzzle game consisting of filling a grid with squares by matching the squares sides and following a constraint. Blocku is a game that can be used by teachers to teach a multitude of subjects to students. The teacher will be able to cre...

The Blocku project is labeled with Math4 and games

Pintando Fracciones

This project is a sugar activity made to teach early age children fractionary numbers' concept. It allows them to colour matrix's cells following mathematics specs.

The Pintando Fracciones project is labeled with Math and games


Spelling software

The ListenNSpell project is labeled with games and education

Find the Key

Es una actividad que "simula" la navegación en un cuarto con objetos fijos. Los movimientos posibles son Adelante, Atrás, Derecha e Izquierda. El usuario deberá localizar la salida dentro del cuarto, así también la llave que permita ...

The Find the Key project is labeled with games, sugar, and activities