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Simple FUSE-based file system to allow non-Sugar applications to access the Sugar data store. Please note that this is a rather minimal implementation intended only to share documents between Sugar and other applications. Don't expect anyth...

The datastore-fuse project is labeled with datastore, journal, sugar, and fuse


Fuse module to access the datastore like e normal readonly filesystem

The FsGateway project is labeled with sugar, datastore, and fuse


misc files for the "Version support for datastore" project, e.g. VCS pseudo-benchmark

The versionsupport-project project is labeled with datastore

gdatastore: generic (git-based) blob ...

gdatastore is a generic object storage (storing data files and associated arbitrary metadata) based on git and compatible with the API currently used by Sugar. It retains intermediate versions of all entries, preserving previous work of the user. ...

The gdatastore: generic (git-based) blob + metadata storage not only for Sugar project is labeled with sugar, datastore, journal, and git


Sugar activity for Journal housekeeping tasks

The janitor project is labeled with journal, datastore, and activity


Activity to back up the Sugar Journal (or rather the Sugar data store) to external storage media. Will create multi-entry <a href="http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Journal_entry_bundles">Journal entry bundles</a> (JEBs). The <a ...

The Backup project is labeled with sugar, datastore, backup, and JEB


Activity to restore the Journal content from <a href="http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Journal_entry_bundles">Journal entry bundles</a> (JEBs) like those written by the <a href="/projects/backup">Backup</a> act...

The Restore project is labeled with sugar, datastore, restore, and JEB


Sugar DS reader for backup analysis.

The datastore_reader project is labeled with datastore and Reader


Journal2WebDAV publishes content from the Sugar Journal (or rather from the underlying data store) via WebDAV. The content to be published can be adjusted by choosing a suitable data store query. Write access is currently not supported.

The Journal2WebDAV project is labeled with sugar, datastore, journal, webdav, export, and public