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Reviewing merge request #3: Add more formats to Read

Problem: Read currently does not open .cbz, .cbr(Comic book Archives - See
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_book_archive). Evince, the underlying document
displayer, supports .cbr and .cbz files, but needs some dependencies.
Support for .cbz/.cbr should be present.

Solution: Add dependencies/ import them if already existent and add support for
cbr/cbz formats. Unfortunately, cbr support requires rarfile which in turn
requires unrar or rar command line program to work. These dependencies can be
added later and Read should work properly with cbr files.

Fixes #3858

Commits that would be merged:

Version 1
  • Version 1
  • bb124a0
  • 92db3be
  • Add more formats to Read

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Pushed new version 1

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