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Get Internet Archive Books

This Activity will use the Advanced Search capabilities of the Internet Archive website to enable browsing the website’s catalog, getting information on the books therein, and downloading these books to the Journal. Its user interface will be similar to the offline catalog search of Read Etexts, but where that Activity is used for both getting books and reading them this one will concern itself only with getting the books, so they may be read with the Read Activity. The Activity will allow searching on Title and Author and will allow the user to specify if he wishes the books to be in PDF or DJVU format. The books found will be listed in a table containing Author, Title, Volume (if any) and Language. Selecting the entry in the table will display other metadata about the book above the table; at least the book’s description and subject. The user may then download the selected book to the Journal where it will be given a title meta tag containing title and author and an appropriate MIME type (application/pdf or application/djvu). The Journal entry will not, however be owned by this Activity. This Activity may or may not create a Journal entry of its own. There is some question as to what that entry should contain.


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