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QuinTeTi es un juego de sumas que consiste en un tablero de 3x3 ubicaciones, donde se pueden ubicar números del 1 al 9 con el objetivo de sumar quince tanto en las filas como en las columnas. El juego es para 2 jugadores y se inicia con el tabler...

The QuinTeTi project is labeled with activity, game, and ceibaljam

Batalla Naval

Pequeño juego de Batalla Naval para las XO, elaborado como ejemplo de colaboración para presentar en el Ceibal JAM 4. Little Battleship game for XO, developed as an example of collaboration to be presented at the Ceibal JAM 4.

The Batalla Naval project is labeled with ceibaljam, xo, and uruguay


A role-playing game for the XO.

The ceibalRol project is labeled with ceibaljam and game


Video chat activity based on gstreamer and targeted for the XO. Is in development stage, and for the time being, it only works on a LAN or Mesh, it doesn't work through jabber.

The VideoJAM project is labeled with ceibaljam, xo, and video


Conozco is a more constructivistic version of Conozco Uruguay, allowing users to create content. It consists of an editor and a player. The editor lets the user: 1. load a background image (jpg, png or svg) 2. draw basic shapes (circle, elli...

The Conozco project is labeled with ceibaljam


This is a game concerned with health education in the class rooms of rural schools and into the rural community of Uruguay. The game aim is on the health topic of healthy diet and nutrition, as there is urgency in promoting education regarding pr...

The Salúdame project is labeled with health, pygame, and ceibaljam


This is an experimental pygame arcade game. The subject is children's rights. The objective is to create a simple library for tiled arcade games.

The derechos project is labeled with ceibaljam and pygame


Rayito is a pygame library for constructing simple narratives and embedding them into an arcade-style game loop. It is based on a timeline like Flash. It is intended primarily for creating cut-scenes and basic interactive screens.

The rayito project is labeled with ceibaljam, pygame, and flash


Actividad para escribir libros y elejir opciones!

The AdventureBook project is labeled with book, adventure, uruguay, and ceibaljam

Sugar Explorer

Un simple explorador de archivos.

The Sugar Explorer project is labeled with python, explorer,, ceibaljam,, and joven