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Math Quwy

Math Quwy is an educative activity where the player can play math games. Aimed for 1st course in primary school. There are two games basically, one to learn odd and even numbers and the other to learn basic math operations (substraction, addition,...

The Math Quwy project is labeled with activity, game, and Math

DAMXO Math Bunny

Math Bunny is an educative activity where the player controls a bunny. An operation will be asked to the player for resolving. The player will have to catch the object (carrot / balloon or whaterver) that has the correct result for the operation. ...

The DAMXO Math Bunny project is labeled with activity, game, and Math

DAMXO Ski on Numbers

Ski on numbers is an educative activity where the player controls a penguin skiing down a mountain. The goal of the player is to catch the odd or even numbers depending on the game mode selected initially in the main menu. It is developed in pygam...

The DAMXO Ski on Numbers project is labeled with activity, game, and Math


It allows the children do math basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) like in a blackboard. It doesn't correct errors, the idea is give the teachers a way to know how the student make the operations, in what orde...

The Mateton project is labeled with Math, school, and teacher


LetsMath is a simple game for Sugar which asks you math questions in a rapid fire manner. There are three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium and Hard and also an option to view your scores. When you start of the game, you have the option to choos...

The LetsMath project is labeled with Math, game, and activity


A fun arcade-style game. Requirements: some finger agility. The goal is to squish enemy fish by pushing blocks. Watch out for the jellyfish!

The fishsquish project is labeled with arcade, game, Math, and fish


Eat the right bubbles and escape from the monster. Example of an activity developed using Flash.

The EatBoom project is labeled with activity and Math


Actividad escolar sobre matemáticas para niños de 10 años. Muestra el uso de paréntesis. School activity on maths for 10 years old children. Shows them the use of brackets.

The (P*A+R*E+N*T+E*S+I*S) project is labeled with olpc, activity, Math, and brackets


An activity to plot graphs of 1st and 2nd degree polynomials, addressed to high school students.

The Graph project is labeled with activities and Math


Arithmetic is a collaborative arithmetic quiz. It's a game that tries to show all the participants the same questions at the same time, gives an ongoing scoreboard of how many questions each participant has answered correctly, and measures ...

The Arithmetic project is labeled with Math, quiz, and collaborative


Damxo ...

The DamXO project is labeled with Math, Science, logic, matemáticas, ciencia, and lógica


An abacus activity for Sugar

The abacus project is labeled with sugar, activity, honey, and Math


XaoS is an interactive fractal zoomer. It allows the user to continuously to zoom in or out of a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/fractal fractal] in a fluid, continuous motion. This capability makes XaoS great for exploring fractals, and it’s just p...

The XaoS project is labeled with Math, activity, and oldskool

Pintando Fracciones

This project is a sugar activity made to teach early age children fractionary numbers' concept. It allows them to colour matrix's cells following mathematics specs.

The Pintando Fracciones project is labeled with Math and games


Plot es una actividad de graficar.

The Plot project is labeled with plot, matematica, and Math