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Commit 7023b15eb1c40670b463c6fbb6efd02f9b2c8d2c

Fix DBus signature for restore() (gdatastore native interface)

InternalApi.save() returns the identifiers for the new entry, so we need to
either wrap the callback to drop the identifiers (like we do in
DBusApiSugarV2.update()) or adjust the DBus signature for
DBusApiNativeV1.restore(). While the caller is supposed to pass in all
identifiers, it doesn't hurt to return what was actually used.
182182 return self._internal_api.find(query_dict, options, query_string)
184184 @dbus.service.method(DBUS_INTERFACE_NATIVE_V1,
185 in_signature='sssa{sv}s', out_signature='',
185 in_signature='sssa{sv}s', out_signature='ss',
186186 async_callbacks=('async_cb', 'async_err_cb'),
187187 byte_arrays=True)
188188 def restore(self, tree_id, parent_id, version_id, metadata, data_path,